Swipe to plan
your day

A to do app to free you from creating endless to do lists.

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Frido - A to do app to free you from creating endless to do lists | Product Hunt
Swipe Deck

You swipe, we take care of the rest

Based on how you interact with each Frido, our wicked machines will decide what to show you and when.

With every swipe, a new chance of finding something you feel like doing.

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Frido Mood

We acknowledge not all tasks are equal

Setting the mood for each Frido gives our machines insights to better organize your deck, increasing the chances of finding something you are willing to do.

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Focus Mode

Let's face it, no one is really multi-tasking

Everything is fighting for our attention at all times.

It’s easier to make decisions when there are fewer choices to make, or just one.

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What to do apps got wrong

Source: To do lists don’t work ⇲

The paradox
of choice


It’s easier for us to make decisions and act when there are fewer choices from which to choose.

Looking at the 58 items on your to do list will either paralyze you or send you into default mode: checking email for an hour instead of doing real work


We don't want to overwhelm you with more options than you can handle. And we don't.


By presenting you with only one task at a time we aim to reduce the imminent anxiety coming from not knowing where to start.



When your list contains some tasks that are three minutes long and some that are 33 minutes, you’ll invariably focus on the shorter one for the psychological payoff and dopamine release that comes from crossing an item off your list.


The brain 🧠... such a rascal!


To keep you from falling into those traps, we wrote an algorithm that evens out the different kinds of tasks so you tackle not only the ones you want to but also the ones you have to.

Lack of commitment


to do lists don’t prevent you from choosing the most pleasant tasks over the most important (and often most difficult) ones because they lack “commitment devices” that lock you into a course of action that you might not otherwise choose.


Well, we are not a list, are we? 🕶


We don't just prevent you from doing only fun things, we also force encourage you to work on the ones you are more resilient to.

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